How to choose the mattress size?

How to choose single and double mattresses

One of the important and practical tips for having a good and useful sleep is the amount of space allocated to your sleep .  The right size of the mattress is an important point that you, dear customers, should pay attention to. In this article, we try to guide you in choosing the mattress size. For example, you should pay attention to the fact that the size of mattress and bed should not be different, which will lead to your financial loss.

A suitable mattress should have more space in width for one person (in a single mattress) and two adults (in a double mattress).

The recommended size for two adults is Queen and King, and below we will describe all the standard sizes of mattresses and the characteristics of each.

Different sizes of mattresses

How to choose the right mattress size?

  • Single mattress size 90*200 (Twin)

In general, Twin size is suitable for a child or an adult with a medium body. If you have a large body or want to sleep with your child, the Twin-XL size is more suitable, which is introduced below.

  • Single mattress size 120*200 (Twin-XL)

This size is suitable for people with large bodies or people who want to accompany their children while sleeping. The Twin-XL size gives people more space to sleep, but in addition to this, the space of the room where the bed is going to be placed, as well as the provision of bedding should be considered in your final choice.

The standard size for the production of single-person sleeping products is Twin, and naturally, to buy products ready for  Twin-XL size, you have less variety and the right to choose, as well as a normal single-person quilt hanger for this size. mattress  It is slightly less than twin mattresses, of course, super size quilts are intended for such beds.

  • Double mattress size 200*140 (Full)

Full size is the standard size for a double bed for the use of two people aged 30 to 40 who do not have much space in their home and bedroom. In this size, each person has a space equal to 70 cm, which is suitable for people who sleep They make many places, there is little space.

Also, this size is not a standard size for choosing a sleeping product, and you will have less product variety in choosing the desired product, but of course, standard quilts and bedspreads in this mattress size have more hangers than queen   and king  . you are In general, queen-size double mattresses  , which we will discuss below, are more popular.

  • Double mattress size 200*160 (Queen)

Queen Size is the most popular and best-selling mattress size among double beds, which will cover 80 cm of space for each person in this mattress size.

Also, the standard sizes of sleeping products for this size have a lot of variety and the right to choose, and the standard production is based on both sizes 200*160 and 200*180. In general, according to the space required in the bedroom and comfort in sleep, the most ideal size of bed and mattress is Queen size.

  • Double mattress, size 200*180 (King)

King Size is the largest size of standard production mattresses, which will cover a space equivalent to 90 cm for each person. This mattress size is suitable for people who need a lot of space to sleep and have many places to sleep, as well as people who want to have their child next to them while sleeping.

The important point when choosing this mattress is that   The space covered in the bedroom is too much for this size mattress, and in the same way, the standard sleep product is produced for this size mattress, but the quilt hanger is better than the queen size mattress. , Full​​ ​​ will be less

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