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Analysis and review of Zenit mattresses

Zenit mattress is one of the highest quality brands among mattresses. Zenit products have a long-term warranty and after-sales service. If quality is important to you, Zenit will definitely be the best choice for you.

When buying the desired product, keep in mind that the mattresses are priced without the box below. To buy a special box, you can contact the store and order the box you want. Also pay attention to the type and internal structure of the mattress. If you want your mattress to be firmer, order medical models. If you are interested in softer mattresses, spring models are more suitable for you. Warm and soft suggests you to read the mattress buying guide page before buying the product you want. Raising the technical information of the desired product will significantly help you to make a better choice.

Zenit mattress made in Turkey is one of the top brands in terms of quality. This company aims to use the latest equipment and maintain the lowest prices with the highest quality. which has been made possible by using advanced tools and modern technology along with its experienced staff and strong management. Strong warranty support and good after-sales service show the authenticity of Zenit mattresses.

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Mattresses are offered in the following categories:

Zenit orthopedic mattress (Zenit Cool Action, Zenit orgoflex, Zenit Vesta, Zenit Florin and Zenit Actiolife)

Zenit spring medical mattress (Zenit Cool Action, Zenit orgoflex, Zenit Florin and Zenit Actiolife)

Zenit spring pocket mattress (Zenit Florin)

Full medical Zenit mattress (Zenit Vesta)

Zenit Cool Action mattress is a spring medical mattress series. With memory foam and polyurethane thermal insulation, it is comfortable and durable. The micro-textured springs in the skeleton have equipped it to withstand high weights. The existence of three-dimensional ventilation has also ensured the health and oxygen supply aspect of this mattress.

Lorinda Zenit mattress is another example of spring medical series. which is soft and suitable for most weights. This mattress has a sponge and thermal insulation and also benefits from smart foam. The air conditioning system and polyurethane foam have distinguished this mattress in terms of hygiene and strength.

Zenit orgoflex mattress is also a medical spring. which is prepared with multi-layer foam and micro-spring and is relatively hard. It has an air capsule and an M-shaped frame to increase the strength of the mattress. The polyurethane layer used in it also distributes the pressure on it. To prevent it from changing and deforming. The existence of memory foam (Memory Foam) and compressed thermofelt sponge is also considered as one of the merits of this mattress.

Zenit Cloud Plus mattress is in the group of spring medical mattresses and is made from a combination of sponge and spring. In addition to being comfortable and durable, this mattress also has the privilege of a washable zipper top. which has distinguished it from the point of view of health and the nature of sensitive people.

Zenit viscolux mattress

It also has a spring medical structure. Olive oil fabric (Dry & S0ft) and smart foam used in this mattress have given medical benefits to this product. This example of the mattress has pads on both sides. which is considered a point in its place.

Vesta mattress

It is a hard spongy mattress without springs that can withstand high weights. This mattress with pad injection is more comfortable than types without pads. which makes it suitable for sensitive and light sleepers.

Zenit Florin mattress

With medium stiffness and Double Micro Pocket springs, it can bear high weights. This mattress is without memory foam, but it has an air capsule and an M-shaped frame.

King mattress

It is durable and relatively hard. The felt layer in this mattress separates the hard part from the soft part while distributing the weight on the surface. The skeleton of the King Master mattress is formed with micro-textured springs. which has given it high weight tolerance. The double-sidedness of this mattress has increased its useful life. Its skeleton is a metal frame that is protected by a spunbond layer.

Zenit Active Life mattress

It is a spongy medical mattress. which has two usable surfaces and smart foam (Memory Foam). This hard mattress with thermofuse fibers and air conditioning capsule is suitable for bed and guest use.
Zenit Grant mattress is the most economical model among Zenit mattresses. which has medium hardness and anti-bacterial and anti-allergic layer. The long-term warranty and economic efficiency of this spring sponge product have made it desirable for a large group of customers.

Each of these types of mattresses offer advantages to users with their own characteristics.

The wide variety and high quality of mattress products have given users more choice. So that everyone with any kind of taste and medical and anatomical requirements can easily choose the right mattress.

Selection and purchase guide

Paying attention to the following points can help you to find the right option among Zenit mattresses:

*If you want to have a perfect mattress with the ability to adapt to your body shape, memory foam products are suitable for you. Find your favorite mattress in Florin, Cool Action, Active Life, orgoflex, Lorinda and Viscolex.

* If you consider economic efficiency along with beauty and durability, we suggest Zenit Grant mattress to you.

* If you want a springless mattress, Vesta is the right choice for you.

* You will find the firm mattress containing micro spring in three orgoflex, Cool Action and King Master products.

* For those who care more about the hygiene of their bed, there is also a suitable zenit. Zenit Cloud Plus mattress with a zippered and washable top will be a suitable option for these people.


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